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[ interior design ]

Our Service Process

Step 01.

– Concepts mood board
– Estimate construction costing

Step 02.
Site Measurement

We’re committed to building sustainable and high-quality Java solutions.

Step 03.
Schementic Design

Floor plan / Furniture layout plan –
3D perspective –

Step 04.
Design Development

– 3D amended
– Detailing discussion

Step 05.
Construction Drawing

– Designer to work out construction
– Drawing and discuss with owner

Step 06.
Final Quotation & Contract Sign

– Owner need to initial all the construction drawing for confirmation
– Deposit fees to be made construction

Step 07.
Start Construction 

– Designer will attend the site checking

Step 08.
Loose Item Proposal

– Loose furniture proposal
– Light fitting proposal
– Curtain & Blind
– Decoration item

Step 09.
Hand Over

– Final site inspection with owner, project closed

[ design steps ]

Our Design Process

  • 01
    Telephone Consultation
  • 02
    Site Survey
  • 03
    Design Surface Communication
  • 04
    Design Drawings - Details Discussion
After we receive your contact information, we will take the initiative to contact you by phone first, or contact us to leave your needs information. After understanding your needs, budget, square footage, and room conditions, we will explain the company's basics to you. Introduction of fees and service procedures (the owner needs to provide CAD files or photos of the current situation, simple floor plans)
。Go to the construction site to measure, take pictures, suggest

。 Plan proposal, floor plan, after proposal discussion (proposal content: style, color, requirements, material suggestion, budget)

。 Design signing contract (a preliminary consensus is reached, both parties sign a design contract + 5% tax / floor plan discussion and finalization / excluding the design cycle time process)
。Discussion on space planning and configuration of drawings

。3D schematic stereogram simulation

。 Plane system drawing

。 Elevation Drawing Storage Cabinet Internal Discussion

。 Material Recommendations

。 Discussion on the function of drawing a facade storage function

。 Ceiling loop, weak electricity, air-conditioning discussion

。Recommended material selection

Group 11
[ construction steps ]

Our Construction Process

  • 01
    Engineering Quotation
  • 02
    Confirmation of Building Materials
  • 03
    Engineering Contract
。Provide construction details and unit price (design drawings confirmed by customer)

。 Design Construction Days - Actual Working Days

。 Project management fee 7%
。Detail material confirmation selection

。Confirm material brand, quality, specification
。Contract signed by both parties +5% tax

。Project contract in duplicate

  • 04
    Approach Construction
  • 05
    Color Scheme
  • 06
    Home Decoration Stage
。Professional and Rigorous Construction

。Construction photo archive

。Weekly upload construction photos to the owner

。On-site paint customized color palettes and compare with customers on site for confirmation

。 System board color matching

。Confirmation of relevant building materials discussion

。 Furniture, curtains and other soft decoration project suggestions

。 On-site measurement

。 The owner confirms the proposal and signs the contract in duplicate

[ our skills ]

The Core Company Values

We are constantly growing, learning, and improving and our partners are steadily increasing. 200 projects is a sizable number.

interior sketch
3D Modeling
2D Planning